School History

Beginning of the school for the village children.

Feeding the children in the village feeding centers, which we had initiated in 1995, had to be Terminated due to two reasons.

1. There were no lasting results for this 7-year-old program.
2. The opposition from Hindu Politicians

This led us to take another step of faith- To start a school for the children in our compound. Hence by faith, in 2002 June we started this school with the 20 children from the village of Bokkapuram. Those children were given a noon meal and some basic education in alphabet and counting. Classes were conducted in a temporary shed constructed in our compound. This was the beginning of the “ Good Shepherd English School, Masinagudi”. In the following year, some children from the local villages were also brought to the school for admission.

The school gained a good testimony among the villagers. In 2003, we adopted the Tribal village (Irula Tribe) of Chemmanath and in 2007 the Tribal village of Chokkanahally (Irula Tribe). Now there are a total number of 168 children from LKG through 8 th Std. Out of this, 100 children are either from Tribal families or from very poor families and we give them free education, clothing and noon meal. Till April 2010, we were transporting the children in a school bus Lord provided us. Since the bus was in a bad shape after few years of wear and tear, we had to dispose it. At present we do not have a proper vehicle for transporting the children. We are using hired jeeps. An advance of Rs.25000 has been paid for a new bus. We need 10 Lakh Rupees more to purchase this vehicle.