About School


When Sally, my wife and me moved to the jungle village of Masinagudi of south India, in 1987, our desire and our vision was to gain those people living in darkness, for generations, for our Lord Jesus Christ. The only asset we had was our Lord’s promise of His invisible presence and the Medical skills he provided for us in his mercy. Over the years of struggling and labor of faith, Lord enabled us to share the Good News to so many people in the villages through our medical clinic and through our village medical out-reaches. Seeing the hundreds of thousands of village children living in poverty, nakedness by being neglected even by their parents who has no awareness of their own needs, and also by realizing the tremendous potentials in those children for the future of the lord’s move in this country, we took the step of faith to start this Good Shepherd School in 2002. We started the school with 20 children we picked up from the jungle village and we started to teach them alphabets and numbers, by feeding them with one good noon meal.

This was the small beginning of this village school . In the following years, more children joined the school. We put all the little ones in our orphanage also in this school.

By the by we decided to have this school in English medium- teaching all the school in English except Tami as the second language and Hindi the third language. This was another ‘adventure’ of faith- teaching the jungle children in English. We went further even teaching them “computer”. Yes these kids proved to be just as good as any other kids elsewhere!

We also take care to give them the Lord through reading of the Bible and through prayers.
We send vehicle to the villages every morning and pick up those children and send them home in the evening after the class. The school has now grown with strength of 168 children and 11 teachers. We teach them all the subjects systematically with a specified syllabus.