Guidelines To Parents

Rules and Regulations

The purpose of the following rules and regulations is to guide and assist in providing the student with a quality education. Students and parents are required to observe and adhere to these rules.

School Timing

Punctuality is an important trait to acquire. Student must be at school by 9.15 am in order to attend assembly and prayer. The school closes at 4.00 pm. There will be three breaks during the day – at 11:00 am and at 3:00 pm for refreshment and at 12:45 in the noon for lunch.


At regular attendance is an important requirement for successful results, a written leave letter by the parents of students in lower classes (KG – Std. IV) and by the students with the attestation of the students in the higher classes (Std. V – Std. X) must be submitted for leave of absence. In case of illness and other unforeseen circumstance, the school shall be informed as soon as possible.

School Fees

The management has designed a fee structure according to the Government statutes and regulation. At the time of admission an admission fee along with the fee for text book, notebook and other accuracies will be collected. In addition to that there will be monthly fee which shall be paid within the first six working days of each month. Defaulters will be levied a specified default fee.

School Bus

The school runs its own buses for the convenience of the students. The according to the distance. Parents have to make necessary arrangements to hand over the children and to collect them back. The school will not provide alternative transport to run the bus in any unlikely situation, the parents have to make the necessary arrangements to transport children to and back from the school.

  • Students must come to school neatly dressed in the prescribed school uniform. Each child should be equipped with at least two of uniforms. Shoes must be neatly polished.
  • Girls should wear black buckled shoes.
  • Boys should wear black laced shoes.
Home work

Homework and classroom assignment are designed to help the student's overall progress. It is very important that these assignments are finished on time. If a student consistently fails to complete the assignments, their grades will be reduced accordingly. It is the parents' responsibility to oversee and make sure that their children have done the assignments in time.

Tours & Picnic

Picnics and tours are part of study and activity and hence all are expected to join them. It's meant to encourage and strength friendliness, mutual love and co-operation in living School authorities, Management or staff cannot be held responsible for any accident or mishap during tours, picnics. A written consent from the parent shall be given to the principal one day before they start the journey.

Assessment of student performance
  • The school shall conduct frequent tests, examinations and seminars to evaluate the student. In order to facilitate the process of evaluation, the school has a structure of Unit/class tests, Mid-Term Examination, Term Examinations and Annual Examinations.
Progress Reports
  • Parents will receive progress reports three times a year. The purpose of the report card is to inform parents of their child's progress periodically.
  • Parents should sign the report cards and return it promptly to the school.
  • The parent's signature indicates that the patent has seen the report card.
  • If necessary the parent will be called by the principle or the class teacher to discuss regarding the progress of the child.
Leave Letter

If student is being absent from class for one day or more with unforeseen reason, an application for leave should be submitted to the class teacher on the next day of his or her presence in the class. In case of a planned leave, such as travel, family functions, rituals etc, an application for leave should be submitted by the patents in advance and prior permission should be taken from the Principal through the teacher. The student not be permitted to enter the class without the leave letter.

Personal Items

The school does accept responsibility for loss / damage of personal belongings of the student. All items brought to school should be properly labeled with the name and class of pupil. Students are not permitted to wear valuable jewelry of any kind. Girls may however wear small ear rings. Personal toys or books should not be brought to school. If your child arrives home with anything not of their own, the parents should take the responsibility to return that item to the school immediately.

Mobile Phone / Electronic Gadgets

The students are not allowed to bring mobile phones/electronic gadgets of any kind under any circumstance. Severe punishment will be administered on the violation of this rule.

Cleanliness and Personal Hygiene

Cleanliness and personal hygiene are very important aspects of life that should be encore aged from a very early age. You must ensure that your child's nails are trimmed regularly. Boys should maintain a short hair style. Girls should wear only black hair band.


For Birthdays, children are permitted to wear colored dress. Distribution of sweets within class is permitted. It will be appreciable if the parents encore age their children on their birthday, either to donate a book to the school library or plant a tree in the school premise.

Visiting the School

The parents/visitors are not allowed to enter into classrooms at any reason. If parents wish to take children home for some emergency during the school hours, they should intimate the School Principal in advance and shall obtain a written permission. In case of any kind communication for the betterment / suggestion / request, the parent has to approach the principal directly each time. It is highly appreciated if you make a prior -appointment over the phone to meet principal for any reason and it will be more convenient for the smooth function. They can give-their complaints and suggestions in writing in the specified register kept in the office.

Withdrawal of Child from School

Parents must submit a written request and provide one month notice before the withdrawal of their children from showing the proper reason; the parents are liable to pay the full fee for the remaining terms also. T.C's will be issued only after settlement of all dues.

School Diary

Parents are required to verify children's School Diary and follow it up accordingly. Remarks made in the School Diary should be acknowledged by the parents. The parents can leave remarks about the progress the child and same may be discussed with Principal and teacher in person.

PTA: Parent – Teacher Association

The school is looking for the valuable support and cooperation with the parents, therefore, the school authority will facilitate PTA to make the efforts smoother and transparent. Out of the 5 member PTA, 2 members will be nominated by the management and 3 will be elected in the General Body meeting. The PTA will meet for a minimum of three times a year to be aligned with the school activities.

Class PTA Meetings:

The parents of the students of the particular classes will be meeting periodically in the school as and when called by the management. This meeting will be mainly for interacting between the teachers and the parents regarding the academic progress of the students.

Mother's meeting:

As per the special instruction from the Government there will be Mothers' meeting one in each term to discuss the parental participation in the education of the children, their various psychological and physical demands especially of the girl students.

Amendment of Rules

The Principal / Management have the right to introduce, amend or change these rules and regulations whenever and wherever necessary in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the school