About Good Shepherd Matriculation School

Good Shepherd Matriculation School has great story to share behind itsinception. It began with a passion to uplift the under – privileged children and provide them education with a focus on excellence. Quality education is an aspiration for community in the modern world and that is true in Masinagudi as well.

Dr. Babu Narendran and his wife Dr. Sally, the medical couple who migrated to the jungle village of Masinagudi of Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu in 1987 as missionaries, recognized the need of education the village kids as well as the under – privileged people groups whom they encountered in their day to day medical practice. This ignited their dream of giving proper and modern education to all the needy, especially the isolated people groups in and around Masinagudi. Eventually, the dream of Good Shepherd School was realized and the voyage towards excellence began. The school began under the registered charitable trust Janaki Matriculation Education Trust, named in honor of Dr. Babu Narendran's beloved mother Smt. T.C. Janaki, who spent 30 years of her life as a school teacher. Now, as we continue to provide non-paralleled quality education to its students up to the tenth standard.