Instruction to Students

Students are to give serious attention to the following notes on punctuality, manners, behavior, dress code, discipline and attendance.

You should reach the school at least five minutes before the first bell rings. This gives you plenty of time unpack your bags and sort out ther materials, chat with your friends and get into a calm, organized frame of mind to start your school day. A punctual person can be a good person . It is obligatory on the part of every student bring the diary and note down the Home Assignments regularly in it. Home work is set regularly in accordance with the time table. Establish a regular routine and punctuality to do the home work to the full satisfaction of the class teacher.
Library periods are provided for in the time table and students of Std V and above will be issued books from the library. Students should maintain a record of this extra reading done them in a separate note book . This will be scrutinized by the librarian.

Students should be well-behaved, polite and respectful to all the teachers and the members of the staff in the school. You should use the 3 magic words to good manners “Please, Thank you and Sorry” whenever necessary. Welcome your teachers, elders and friends with pleasant words of greetings when you see them for the first time in the school or outside the school.

Whenever a student wants short break during school time, he / she should produce a written letter of request from your parent / guardian. All students should bring with them only the books, extra books, etc required for the day. You should take care of your belongings yourself. Don't bring any valuable article or money unless it is requested by the class teacher. The school takes no responsibility in case of loss or damage of such things.

  • Students are not permitted to bring mobile phones to school.
  • You should not exchange articles or money with other students.
  • Try not to spill eatables on the floor.
  • Don't tear pages from your note book and Diary.
  • Don't litter the school campus. Use waste bins.
  • D not encourage relatives and friends to visit you during school hours.
  • Drink only the pure drinking water brought from your homes or provided in the school

High Standard of behavior is expected from students. Behavior which jeopardizes the education, safety or sense of security of the students will not be tolerated. School will make every effort to encourage positive behavior. Kindness, Politeness and respect towards everyone in the school environment are essential. You should develop the values, principles and ethics that are respected, admired and accepted in cultures around the world.

Dress Code
  • Students should come to school in proper uniform. Uniform should be washed and freshly ironed every day. A high standard of personnel
  • appearance is expected of all students at all times, both inside the school campus and outside in the community.
  • No valuable ornaments, except for a watch and smell ear studs for girls may be worn to school.
  • Nails and hair should be trimmed properly. Shoes are polished regularly.
  • Girls should wear black hair band.

Students who reached school early should remain in their class without roaming around. Wandering, making noise, quarreling and damaging the school property are acts of indiscipline and are punishable. Students should discipline them, selves by keeping line without making noise for the morning assembly and all functions held at school.


Don't remain absent from school without prior permission. Unauthorized absence from Examination is punishable with a fine Rs.25/- per subject up to the maximum of Rs.50/- for the entire examination.

And you are expected to communicate in English language and not in any other language. Failure in following the same will attract fine.

School Diary

Please go through diary and see the instructions. Ensure that the diary is brought to school every day. It is an excellent channel of communication between parents and teachers.